My name is Jayne Kozlow and I am a UK based artist and printmaker and Exhibiting Member of the Reading Guild of Artists and East London Printmakers. I work from my home studio in Berkshire which I share with my partner who is a potter, and from the Print Studio at South Hill Park.

My work is characterised by the type of strong shapes and simple story often found in illustration and graphic design. My subjects are based on the forms and character found in animals, landscapes or indeed the vegetables from our garden and I particularly love using birds in my work as they naturally seem to create an interesting and expressive design.

I love to draw, and when I find something that really inspires me, I fill my sketchbooks with ideas and thoughts on how I can pursue the work as a painting or print. Where possible I will sketch from real life and take my own photos and I often produce small series of related works enabling me to explore different aspects of the subject. When painting I prefer to use Acrylics on either heavy-duty paper or artists board, but I also like to explore the possibilities that charcoal, gold leaf, ink lettering and other mixed media can offer. In printmaking I work in short handprinted series using Collagraph, Linocut or Dry Point techniques aided by my fabulous Gunning Press (No 1) from Ironbridge. When creating Collagraphs I especially enjoy working with Tetra Pak and Packaging to create the printing plate as I love the soft varied tones that this naturally creates. I use Akua (soy based) inks in my home studio whilst at South Hill Park I use oil based Hawthorn and Intaglio inks printing on Somerset Satin, Fabriano or Snowdon paper.

I hope you enjoy my paintings and prints as much as I enjoyed creating them. If you have any questions about my work, or would like to purchase something, then please use the message form on my Contact page.